Making Memories in the Wearhouse

By Julia Robertson, Treehouse Caregiver

I am a foster parent to 4 and am raising my 6 year-old granddaughter. When I tell my kids it’s going to be a shopping day at the Treehouse Wearhouse, they get so excited—especially around the holidays.


Holiday Shopping: A Family Affair

Here’s how we do Treehouse holiday shopping in my diverse family: The kids pick out a gift for their brothers and sisters, an item for themselves, and a gift for their biological parent(s). Then, I pick out the rest and wrap them for each of the kids to open on Christmas morning. My kids really appreciate being able to pick out a gift for their biological parents. They are so careful to find that one special thing. This part can be emotional for my kids (and me, too). Most often, they pick out a very special stuffed animal. That stuffed animal becomes the most valuable item in their shopping bag.


For picking out items for themselves, my kids love the clothes. The warm winter clothing is always up-to-date and stylish. My older kids seem to know that they hit the jackpot when they find designer brand coats. Sometimes they say “I have always wanted one of these!” It makes me happy because they have something that will not only keep them warm, but that they’ll feel good in.


A Gift for Every Age

The Teen Gift Shop behind the glass display is also so spot on. My kids tend to hang out there looking, talking, and picking things out that they have always wanted but have not been able to have.


For the younger kids, the variety of the toy and game donations is huge and everyone can find something. When we get home, each kiddo gets to wrap the gifts they picked out. I must say, the wrapping is most entertaining for me.

Giving Back

We also like to give back by re-donating the clothing and toys that are in good condition back to Treehouse for another child to enjoy. My hopes are that they begin to understand the value of receiving and giving. So far, it looks like they are well along their way.

Thank you Treehouse and all the wonderful donors for helping my foster children build wonderful holiday memories that they will remember forever.

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Caregivers like Julia support kids in foster care by providing love, stability, and hope for the 9,000 youth in foster care across Washington State.

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