Kids Helping Kids

By Jessica Ross, Treehouse Chief Development Officer

Last week, Treehouse got a very special visit by a budding philanthropist–three and a half-year-old Margaux. This talented toddler successfully raised more than $100 in support of kids in foster care this month!


Margaux: the Budding Philanthropist

It all started when Margaux’s mother Mary found Margaux standing on a kitchen chair sponging a temporary tattoo onto her arm. Mary knew that Margaux had to not only climb on the washer to access the tattoos, she also had to cut the tattoo out all by herself! The sight was adorable and Mary was thrilled to see what a great job Margaux did.


Learning about Margaux’s new talent also sparked an idea. As the owner and directress of the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, a local artisan market, Mary had spent many a weekend hanging out with Margaux and this tight knit group of retailers. So, Mary asked Margaux if she’d like to open her very own temporary tattoo shop at the mall! At first they were thinking it would be a good way for Margaux to earn some pocket change. Then they talked about it some more and decided that they had everything they needed and that there was a much better opportunity. They could raise money for local kids in foster care!


Open for Business

Over the last several weekends, Margaux opened up her little tabletop shop applying temporary tattoos to “customers” big and small in exchange for donations for Treehouse. Mary reports that Margaux’s interaction with her customers has improved dramatically and that this endeavor is giving her so much in the way of confidence, fulfillment, joy, and empathy for others.

“Margaux has a good foundation for understanding that as a person in the world we have to spread all good things around–most importantly, love,” Mary shared.


We are so grateful for kids like Margaux who are helping kids in our community have access to the academic and essential support they need to succeed. Thank you Margaux and Mary for giving kids in foster care a childhood and future.

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About the Author

Jessica Ross is the Chief Development for Treehouse and has provided strategic leadership and direction for fundraising and volunteer engagement efforts for the past eight years.

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