Join Donors Like Christine: GiveBIG to Youth in Foster Care Today

By Lindsay Hastings, Treehouse Annual Giving Manager

GiveBIG, the online day of giving presented by Seattle Foundation, is today, May 9. Treehouse and other nonprofit organizations throughout the Greater Seattle area will receive funds as donors specify the charity they would like to support.

Christine’s family adopted their daughter from foster care. A GiveBIG Champion, Christine sat down with me to share her history with Treehouse and why she donates.

How did you first learn about Treehouse?

Our daughter, Maddie, joined our family through emergency placement, so we had literally less than four hours to prepare for a 2-year-old girl. We needed clothes, toys, books and so much more. With two boys in our family, we were kind of prepared, but then we met Maddie. She was all princess, all the time.

Our social worker referred us to Treehouse, so we quickly visited The Wearhouse to stock up Maddie’s wardrobe and library. Our boys each got to pick out a toy that they thought Maddie would like, which I think helped start the bond between them.

How did Treehouse continue to serve your family?

The Wearhouse was just the first step. Maddie wanted to try ballet, and the Little Wishes program fully covered the costs of her ongoing class. Signing up for that program was easy and fast. That was a huge blessing in the midst of emotional visits with the birth family, home visits with social workers and the stresses of regular life. And it was awesome to see Maddie explore an activity that helped her discover her own interests and abilities.

Holiday Magic became the cornerstone of Maddie’s library. She received books that were just right for her, which made a huge difference in her ability to read as her love for reading blossomed.

Why do you GiveBIG to Treehouse?

I don’t think we’ll ever be able to repay Treehouse for the many ways they supported our family. So, we give back in the ways we can—donating items to The Wearhouse and making a small gift every year to GiveBIG.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. What I love about GiveBIG is that a bunch of small gifts add up to make a really big difference. And knowing that I’m part of making a really big difference for Treehouse makes me feel great.

Join Christine in supporting Treehouse through GiveBIG here: givebigseattle.org/Treehouse.

If you missed the opportunity to donate during GiveBIG, you can donate anytime at treehouseforkids.org/donate.

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As Annual Giving Manager at Treehouse, Lindsay Hastings focuses on expanding philanthropic support for youth in foster care with members of the Treehouse donor community.

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