Impinj Raises More Than $17,000 for Youth in Foster Care

By Dana Petrarca, Treehouse Community Engagement Officer

Impinj, Inc. hosted their fifth annual holiday donation drive for Treehouse in December. They set a $10,000 goal for their drive, which they blew out of the water, almost doubling it with $17,142 raised!

Impinj is a Seattle-based, medium-sized tech company that specializes in RAIN RFID technology to bring digital life to everyday items. The team at Impinj regularly participate in donation drives for nonprofits throughout the community.

“Supporting our community is important to Impinj, our leadership and team,” said Gaylene Meyer, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Impinj. “Dana came to our office and shared stories about the impact we could have on the lives of youth in foster care, and our team was inspired to help.”

For each drive, they have a “floor competition” at the Impinj headquarters, where each of the three floors of their office try to raise the most donations. The winner receives a trophy that symbolizes their generous contribution and dedication to their community. This spirited competition between colleagues easily brought the company over their $10,000 goal for their Treehouse holiday drive.

What really kicked them into gear were a couple members of Impinj’s executive leadership team: They wanted their floor, the 14th floor, to win. In an effort to make that happen, each executive pledged to match donations from their floor-mates 2 to 1, securing the 14th floor’s victory for this year’s holiday drive.

“I’ve been an Impinj employee for 17 years, and I continue to be inspired by our employees’ generosity, even as we grow as a company,” said Cathy Forinash, Sales Operations Manager and this year’s lead for the Treehouse drive.

I had the pleasure of speaking at Impinj’s December staff meeting as they ramped up for their holiday drive, and I’ll never forget the wonderful energy in the room. Thank you to Impinj’s employees and leadership team for pouring that energy into giving kids in foster care a better life and future.

You can host a donation drive to support youth in foster care at any time of the year. For more information, visit treehouseforkids.org/drives.

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Dana Petrarca, Treehouse’s Community Engagement Officer, works closely with community members to encourage and support engagement opportunities with Treehouse. She is passionate about building relationships, philanthropy and storytelling. Contact Dana at [email protected] if you are interested in hosting a donation drive or event to benefit Treehouse.

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