Helping Youth Find that First Summer Job

By Joe Basler, Education Specialist

Many youth will be looking for and starting their first jobs this summer. One of those students is Trina, who recently finished her sophomore year at Enumclaw High School. She would like a job so she can help out her family and feel more independent.

When Trina first mentioned wanting to find a summer job, I asked if she had a resume. Trina said yes but stressed there was not much on it. I told her that was OK and to bring it to our next meeting.

With a little creative thinking, we were able to fill out her resume using a variety of skills that Trina had not thought to include—skills like money handling, graphic design and yard care.

Next, we developed a cover letter. Trina had never written a cover letter, so I helped her format and organize the letter. I explained to her that a resume states what she has done and can do. A cover letter is the sales pitch for why someone should hire her. Trina wrote about how she is a hardworking teen who is looking to bring her skills and dedication to an employer.

Having these pieces in place, Trina feels like she has a professional face to put forward to employers.

My next step in working with her will be to help her apply for positions near her home. We plan to meet up in the near future and drop off her resume with a few employers of her choice.

As Trina starts to schedule interviews, I am looking forward to helping her prepare for them. I know she will be hired by a great company that will be lucky to have her skills.

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About the Author

Treehouse Education Specialist Joe Basler serves the Enumclaw and Tahoma school districts. He believes that all youth can be successful with hard work and a helping hand.

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