Hasbro Makes the Holidays Bright for Youth in Foster Care

By Narelle Bennett-Elliott, Treehouse Marketing & Policy Intern

Treehouse’s partnership with Hasbro has been essential in making the holidays bright for youth in foster care for the last two decades. Generous toy and game donations keep our free store stocked during the holiday season and beyond.

Our staff and volunteers set up the toys and games beautifully to make it easy for our youth and caregivers to pick out what they want. Board games are always an especially big hit.

“We hear from lots of caregivers that having new board games gives them a chance to have a family game night. Everyone gets to know each other in a safe, fun and collaborative way,” said Victoria Kutasz, who manages the store at Treehouse.

Each year, Hasbro provides the toys and games we need for the year.

“We give toys to more than 1,000 youth in the month of December alone,” Victoria said. “Having a wide variety of toys and games helps us bring joy to the kids throughout the year, not just during the holidays.”

Hasbro employees also support Treehouse by volunteering on Hasbro’s Global Day of Joy.

“They love the opportunity to help Treehouse because your mission is so critical,” said Karen Davis, Senior Vice President of Global Philanthropy and Social Impact at Hasbro.

In addition, Hasbro has provided over $130,000 in grants for our Little Wishes program, which funds participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, music and dance.

“These activities give the children the same opportunities other youth have to develop their interests and to experience just being a kid,” Karen said. “The children you serve are so wonderful and deserve so much.”

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Narelle Bennett-Elliott is a Treehouse Marketing and Policy Intern.

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