Giving During a Time of Crisis

By Meaghan Quinlan, Associate Director of Relationship Development

often tell people that I say “thank you” for a living. Although many people assume my job as a fundraiser is mostly about asking for money, I would say a greater portion of my time is spent thanking people. It’s equally important to show them how their contributions have made an impact on youth and young adults experiencing foster care.   

During this time of crisis and uncertainty, people are understandably concerned about their personal health and finances. As we do our best at Treehouse to continue providing necessary services to youth and young adults experiencing foster care, I am moved that our donors are staying engaged and supporting others in the ways they can.   

So, I want to take this time to say: 

Thank you to the donors who have said they wish they could give morebut can’t right nowand are considering including Treehouse in their estate plans.   

Thank you to the donors who have multi-year pledges and have accelerated their payments so that we can have much needed funds right now. 

Thank you to those who have Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) and are directing more money right now to Treehouse and other organizations they love.  

Thank you to those who told us you gave all or a portion of your stimulus check in support of youth in foster care.   

Thank you to the people who use their social media platforms to encourage others in their network to get involved with Treehouse.  

Thank you to the donor who asked what we needed more, cash or technology donations?  Your cash donation allows us to be flexible in addressing the unique needs of each youth and young adult.    

Thank you to our corporate and foundation partners who reached out immediately and mobilized funding to fill emergent needs, including laptops, rent and utility bill assistance. 

Thank you to the people who have offered to provide remote tutoring and other volunteer support. 

Thank you to the philanthropic advisors who are encouraging donors to stretch to make sure the organizations they love continue operations and stay financially healthy. 

Thank you to everyone who has considered what they CAN do during a time that is so focused on what we CAN’T do.   

Your partnership and generosity are helping youth and young adults experiencing foster care stay safe, stable and on a path to achieve their educational and life goals.

Interested in supporting Treehouse and youth in foster care? Make a gift at treehouseforkids.org/donate.

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About the Author

As Associate Director of Relationship Development, Meaghan Quinlan enjoys building relationships with Treehouse donors and other partners.   

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