Giving BIG for Community Connections

By Lindsay Hastings, Treehouse Annual Giving Manager

Kick-off National Foster Care Month with GiveBIG. We’re committed to providing our youth with resources to learn, grow and succeed against all odds.   

Through May 4, folks across our community are coming together to invest in Washington nonprofits, including Treehouse. To stretch your impact even more, we are matching GiveBIG donations up to $75,000! Every gift truly does make a BIG impact.  

GiveBIG at its core is about connecting communities. Here at Treehouse, connecting communities enables youth in foster care to access resources, set ambitious goals and work with dedicated staff to achieve milestones. With your support, Treehouse gives BIG across Washington state.  

Here are some ways Treehouse staff are connecting community: 

“Every youth who has experienced foster care deserves as many resources and support opportunities as possible. We know that Graduation Success works. When high school youth in care are paired with our Treehouse Education Specialists (along with access to tangible resources), it helps to remove barriers and allows the youth to achieve their goals. Expansion statewide will allow us to create a larger safety net or community around kids in transition,” MonRá Muse, Treehouse’s Area Director of High School Programs, said.

One Education Specialist shared this when asked why they enjoy working with youth in foster care: “Watching them change and grow, watching them achieve their goals watching them pick themselves back up when they fall. These young men and women have resilience and determination that can move mountains.”

Another Ed Specialist added: “Working with youth who have experienced foster care has been a life-changing experience. These youth are tougher than you could ever imagine. Youth who are in their adolescence have experienced tougher times than most adults have or will experience in their lifetime. They arrive at the end of the goal they set standing tall and believing in who they are, knowing they can conquer anything. I’ve seen it in their eyes at graduations. The youth are smart and more powerful than they might originally believe. It’s up to us to show them that part of themselves and help them start believing.” 

Join us to give BIG and continue connecting community. Your gift has the power to build strong relationships, power dreams and enrich the lives of kids and young adults experiencing foster care. 

Support Treehouse through GiveBIG at treehouseforkids.org/givebig. If you missed the opportunity May 3-4, you can donate anytime at treehouseforkids.org/donate.

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As Annual Giving Manager at Treehouse, Lindsay Hastings focuses on expanding philanthropic support for youth in foster care with members of the Treehouse donor community.

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