Getting Morgan Ready for Graduation

By Adam Wolotira, Treehouse Staff Member

I have been a member of the Treehouse Little Wishes team for thirteen months and this June is my second season of having the honor of helping to remove financial barriers for our seniors during the graduation season. You just can’t top hearing the pride in a student’s voice as they inquire about their cap and gown.

Throughout the year, our Little Wishes team helps to support the financial needs of students as they work together with their Treehouse Education Specialist to set and attain academic goals. Some of the support Little Wishes provides is tied directly to a youth’s academic success. Little things like paying for a graphing calculator make a big difference for a youth that is now able to fully engage in their pre-calculus class. Other forms of support are less direct, but just as valuable. Things like funding for field trips, school dances, choir, art classes or sports are essential to help spark a youth’s interest and creativity, as well as help them positively engage in school and community.


Motivating Students for Success

One youth that I worked with this year, Morgan, is a high school senior in Woodinville. She is getting ready to graduate this Saturday thanks in part to the support that Little Wishes was able to provide her, as well as the personalized support from her Treehouse Education Specialist.

Earlier this year, graduation seemed like a distant goal for Morgan. She was behind in her classes, didn’t have access to the resources she needed catch up, and was losing motivation to stay engaged at school. Little Wishes helped Morgan get a laptop so that she could take the online classes she needed to make up her missing credits. Once she had a laptop, Morgan got to work right away, but the accelerated pace required to complete the course in time for graduation was exhausting. Her Education Specialist knew she needed a little extra motivation and some positive reinforcement for all of the hard work she was putting in. Together, we set up an incentive plan for Morgan, promising her that she would receive a special jacket that she wanted once she completed the course. The incentive worked, and Morgan fulfilled all of the necessary credits to graduate on time. I was thrilled when the request for her graduation announcements and cap and gown came in!

Morgan Finds the Motivation

With graduation quickly approaching, Morgan is looking to the future and is hoping to hear that she has been accepted to a local college soon. Her Education Specialist was able to help her complete her applications to Cascadia College in Bothell, and Bellevue College in Bellevue last month with all of her application fees covered by Little Wishes.

Treehouse is proud to have been able to help Morgan as she worked hard to attain her High School diploma, and is even prouder to see her continue her education by attending college. On behalf of the Little Wishes team, I wish her the best of luck as she takes yet another step towards her goals for the future!

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As Treehouse’s Little Wishes Coordinator, Adam Wolotira connects Treehouse youth to extracurricular activities that help them meet new friends, engage in activities that promote school success, and have fun!

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