Helping Eddie Find His Strength

By Sharon Cormier, Treehouse Caregiver

Treehouse changes lives, one child at a time.

Eddie came into foster care at birth. Little did we know how our lives would change. When Eddie was six months old, he was taken to the hospital with high fever, breathing issues and large bumps on his skull and leg. After a few tests and screenings, Eddie was diagnosed with Job Syndrome. His immune system has to work ten times harder than a normal child, which puts a strain on his vital organs.

For the next two years, Eddie was in the hospital more than he was home, it seemed. After doing research on Job Syndrome, I found that the life expectancy for many kids is low because of how the infection weakens the heart and lungs. From that point on, my focus was building a strong heart in my foster son. I contacted Treehouse’s Little Wishes and asked if they could help cover his dues to a local wrestling club and for online schooling, since it’s dangerous for Eddie to be in a traditional school. From then on, Treehouse and Eddie have partnered to keep him healthy and learning.

Eddie at the Wrestling Championships    eddie 2

Eddie continues to do well in his online classes, but his passion is for wrestling.  With the support Little Wishes provides, Eddie’s accomplishments at local and national level shows his desire to fight this disorder.   At age six, Eddie was asked to join a more competitive wrestling team.  He also has earned a spot on the Washington state team the past four years.

If I wasn’t for Treehouse’s Little Wishes program, I couldn’t imagine what our lives would be like today.  All 7 of the kids in my care wrestle, thanks to the help we receive from Little Wishes.  Three are on the pathway to someday have the chance to try out for the Olympics, if they desire. I am so proud of them.

Eddie belongs to a support group and has said goodbye to friends with the same illness. He knows many of his friends “live to wrestle,” but he “wrestles to live” and to be healthy.  Thank you, Treehouse.

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About the Author

Sharon Cormier lives in Enumclaw, WA with her 7 adopted children. She teaches martial arts and is a full-time wrestling mom. In her free time, she enjoys coaching Special Olympics Soccer teams, cooking, sewing and hanging out with her kids.

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