Campbell Auto Group Sends Treehouse Kids to Camp

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

Campbell Auto Group has been supporting Treehouse through its Kids to Camp fundraiser for three years, raising nearly $50,000 to send youth in foster care to camp through our Little Wishes program.

During this year’s fundraiser, the group’s Everett and Edmonds dealerships raised more than $62,000, with $20,692 going to us. Other beneficiaries of this year’s fundraiser were Olive Crest and Hand in Hand.

I recently spoke with Kurt Campbell, one of the co-owners of Campbell Auto Group, to talk about our partnership.

How long have you been holding the Kids to Camp fundraiser?
We just finished our third year of Kids to Camp, a campaign that raises money and awareness to help provide camps for youth in foster care. We dedicate three months each year to advertise Kids to Camp through various media channels, and then, every time we sell a car, we set aside $65 (the average cost of a day of camp).

Why did you start the Kids to Camp program?
Kids and camp just go together, but unfortunately, not all families can afford to send their child to camp, so we decided to help lift the financial burden.

How did you get connected to Treehouse?
Campbell Auto Group started working with Treehouse three years ago after being introduced to their amazing work in our community by a mutual friend.

Why is it important to you to support youth in foster care?
Kids in foster care in general have some tough hurdles in life, and it’s my hope that by supporting agencies like Treehouse, these kids will have the support they need to rise above those hurdles.

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