Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor

We at Treehouse are outraged by the death of Breonna Taylor. We are even more devastated by the failure to arrest and indict the three officers responsible for Breonna Taylor’s murder, instead choosing to only indict one for “wantonly” shooting in the apartment and placing others at risk — but not the deadly risk evident against Ms. Taylor. For over 400 years in the United States, people who identify as Black/African American continue to face an unprecedented amount of discrimination, hate, injustice, pain and trauma — solely because of the melanated color illuminating their skin. These systemically racist and detrimental acts of violence and murder against people from Black/African American communities are inhumane, sickening, unbelievable, unjustifiable and unwarranted.


It is our hope at Treehouse that the death and injustices surrounding Breonna Taylor’s murder lead to more anti-racist practices and intentional reforms of any system that perpetuates racist ideas and policies. We will work in community as we design long-term and sustainable actions toward becoming a multicultural, anti-racist organization and transform systems to reduce disparities caused by systemic racism.


We at Treehouse want to acknowledge that the news concerning the lack of justice for Breonna Taylor may create an even heavier weight for people who identify as Black/African American. This is in addition to the already heavy burdens from the disproportionate impact of COVID-19, isolation due to physical distancing from friends, family and support networks, and white supremacist propaganda in our national discourse and further exacerbating these perilous times of civil unrest. Please check in with your colleagues, families and friends from Black, Brown and Indigenous communities, especially those who identify as Black/African American, and check in on yourself as well.


We at Treehouse know there are many more names, tragedies and lives lost from people represented in Black/African American communities that have come before and after Breonna Taylor. Unfortunately, we also know that unless we act, there will be others in the future. As we continue to center our work in leading with racial equity, it is essential to understand that justice does not end or begin here, but with our collective advocacy, commitment, and voice. Our fight for justice will remain consistent. All Black Lives Matter. Her Life Mattered. Say Her Name. Breonna Taylor.

With Racial Justice,

Dr. Lisa Chin, CEO and President of Treehouse

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