‘Black Panther’ Tickets Distributed to Youth in Foster Care

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

With the anticipated release of the “Black Panther” movie earlier this month, our staff reached out to our youth to offer them tickets to go see the latest blockbuster film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In total, Treehouse distributed 352 “Black Panther” tickets. Our Graduation Success Education Specialists and Little Wishes Coordinators worked together to get our youth to the theaters.

“Seeing my students’ faces light up as I told them that they were going to the movies for free and could bring a friend was the highlight of my week,” one Education Specialist said. “Most of my students do not have the financial ability to attend the movies, so this was a nice surprise for me to offer them. Many of them ended up taking siblings with them and reported having ‘the best time ever.’ Thanks to the Little Wishes staff for thinking about my students; they are so appreciative of this opportunity.”

Some of our youth shared their appreciation with notes to the Little Wishes staff, too.

“Thank you so much for giving me and my buddy the opportunity to go see the ‘Black Panther’ movie,” one youth wrote. “It was so amazing seeing the graphics and super fly outfits that everyone from Wakanda had. They were so cool that I know who I am going to be for Halloween this year! Thank you for always having my back!”

Interested in donating tickets for youth in foster care to attend your upcoming event or attraction? Email us at [email protected].

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