Auburn School District Partnership with Treehouse Grows Strong Through Years

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

Treehouse and the Auburn School District have been working together for years to ensure youth in foster care have support to be successful in school.

“Kids in foster care face some significant challenges, and they need extra support the district can’t always give,” said Denise Daniels, Assistant Director of Equity, Outreach and Engagement at the district. “The partnership with Treehouse is fantastic.”

Treehouse Senior Education Specialist Devin Howell serves 29 students enrolled in our Graduation Success program at seven middle and high schools in the Auburn School District.

“He supports the students in whatever they need, and the working relationship Devin has with counselors and other support staff in our schools is huge,” Denise said.

Devin meets with his students on a weekly basis to make sure they’re staying on track academically and receiving the support they need to have typical childhood experiences, from playing sports to being active in extracurricular activities. He and Denise also exchange regular updates to keep track of students’ progress and make sure their needs are being met.

“The education and information he brings is critical for us to serve our kids better,” Denise said. “He’s doing a lot of good work.”

School districts throughout the region conduct regular meetings to discuss the needs of youth in foster care. Denise participates in those meetings as Auburn’s foster care liaison, and Treehouse is always well-represented.

“It’s fantastic that Treehouse is involved from the regional work on down,” Denise said. “As we’re serving our kids, it’s really important that all voices are at the table, and I’m really excited to see Treehouse contributing.”

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