Stand with Us Against Community Violence

At Treehouse, we are deeply committed to elevating and supporting youth in foster care as they navigate life’s challenges and strive to create a thriving future for themselves. Our organization firmly believes that every young person deserves a safe and nurturing environment to learn, grow and live to their full potential. Today, we stand united in our commitment to speak out against community violence, gun violence and violence in all its forms with a particular focus on its impact within our schools and child welfare offices.

Schools and child welfare offices should be safe places. Unfortunately, the prevalence of violence within our communities continues to infiltrate these spaces. Incidents of violence, such as shootings, discriminatory acts and physical altercations pose a significant threat, not only to young people but they also undermine the well-being and mental health of our staff who work tirelessly as their advocates.

As an organization dedicated to serving youth at the intersection of child welfare and education, we have a front row seat in witnessing the profound and lasting effects that community violence has on their lives, and how these conditions exacerbate the unprecedented mental health crisis sweeping across our communities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We cannot afford to remain silent or passive observers of this disturbing trend. Instead, we must come together as a community to address the root causes of violence and actively work towards creating safer and more humanizing spaces for both children and staff members.

To effectively combat community violence, gun violence and all forms of violence stemming from conditions created by systemic racism, we advocate for a comprehensive approach that involves all stakeholders: students, families, caregivers, educators, child welfare professionals, law enforcement agencies, community organizations and policymakers. We must prioritize shifts in policy and prevention strategies that focus on education, awareness, early intervention and support.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of providing healing-centered support services within schools and child welfare offices. It is crucial that we invest in healing-centered resources so our community can heal, build resilience and regain a sense of safety.

At Treehouse, we commit to doing our part to end community violence and create safer spaces for both young people and staff members. We urge community members, elected officials and fellow organizations to join us in this endeavor.

Together, let us build a future where all youth, including those in foster care, can thrive in and outside of school, and where our staff feel safe and supported in their vital work.

In partnership,

The Treehouse Executive Team

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