Aisha Inspires Her Neighborhood

By Emily Snitker, Treehouse Marketing and Communications

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting 6th grader Aisha, an inspiring young philanthropist and advocate for kids around the world.

A few months ago, Aisha and her mother were talking about kids in their community who face hardships at home and in school. Aisha felt compelled to do something to support them.

“It doesn’t matter who you are—your religion, skin color, or where you are from—you just have to care about others.  When you put yourself  in the shoes of others to see what their lives are like, you can find ways to help,” she shared.

After talking with her family and friends and doing some research online, Aisha learned about Treehouse: “Treehouse helps kids in foster care have a good education like I have. Education helps you understand the world, and once I learned about Treehouse I wanted to donate there so that all kids could have opportunities like me.”

Aisha and her family came up with an idea to host a car wash fundraiser in their neighborhood with all donations benefiting Treehouse. Aisha got to work creating flyers and went door-to-door to spread the word. Inviting her community to participate helped Aisha build connections with residents in her neighborhood, and she was thrilled so many people were willing to pitch in and support her efforts.  

With a little help from her family, by the end of the donation drive Aisha washed enough cars to raise $150 for youth in foster care! She also collected clothes from her family to donate to the Treehouse’s Wearhouse.

“I was proud and happy that people donated to help. I hope I can encourage other kids to also start helping, because it warms your heart and makes a difference.”

Aisha looks forward to hosting another car wash in the coming months and continuing to inspire her peers to take action. Thank you to Aisha for showing that you can be an advocate for kids at any age!  

Inspired by Aisha? Learn more about how you can host a donation drive or event on behalf of youth in foster care. 

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About the Author

Emily Snitker is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for Treehouse. She is thankful for the opportunity to share the stories of Treehouse students, families, and supporters with the community.

Comments (5)

Sainey Njie

February 1, 2017

Congrats and well done Aisha. Proud of you.. Keep it up.


Ramou Sosseh

February 1, 2017

I would like to be the first to endorse this! I am very proud of my daughter to share her awareness of her environment in a global scale and ALWAYS willing to share and care. Remember, it only takes few mins of one’s time to stop, look and listen to others. We are all obligated to give back to humanity!

Love you always baby girl!
Mummy 🙂


Fatou Njie Danso

February 1, 2017

Couldn’t be more proud of you my Aisha Baby


Carole Brannam

February 7, 2017

I’m proud that I was your first customer, and so happy to see you recognized by Treehouse. You are an inspiring and delightful young person.


Rehana ayub

February 20, 2017

I pray for you make more progress in it.i wish my kids and other don’t waste their time and do something like you


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