#30DaysOfThanks Highlights All We Have to Appreciate

By Catherine Krummey, Marketing & Social Media Manager

At the end of every year, we always like to look back at the highlights, recognizing how privileged we are to do the work we do and have a fantastic community of partners rallying behind us. Throughout November, we’ve been celebrating this with #30DaysOfThanks posts on our FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

Given the work Treehouse does, we have to start with our youth.

“I am thankful for the persistence of youth during this time of COVID-19 distance learning,” said Sherry Edwards, Senior Education Specialist. “The mountain is very tall. Youth who keep climbing amaze and inspire me!”

Our caregivers also have been steadfast and supportive with everything that’s come their way in 2020.

“Thanks to the caregivers we work with for all they do, including staying strong for youth in the last few months,” said Michelle McBreen, Community Outreach Manager.

In an effort to support both our youth and caregivers, we have been expanding our volunteer tutoring program this year and transitioning it to be virtual while physical distancing measures are in place.

“Thanks so much to all of our volunteer tutors for their dedication to working with our youth,” said Jesse Becerra, Academic and Career Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteers have also assisted us in keeping the Treehouse Store running as we’ve transitioned to fulfilling online orders for contact-free pickup and delivery.

“I want to say a huge thank you to all the amazing volunteers who have kept the Treehouse Store running and serving our families through all the upheaval of this year,” said Store Manager Victoria Kutasz. “We could not do it without you, and your work means so much to folks all across the state. Thank you!”

Outside of Treehouse, we have been fortunate enough to have continued support from many individuals and organizations.

Our Builders Monthly Giving Club is shaping a brighter future every month so youth in foster care can pursue their dreams.

“Thanks to the 400-plus club members for making a difference each and every month,” said Annual Giving Manager Lindsay Hastings.

Hasbro always makes our holiday season brighter by supplying thousands of toys for our youth, and this year is no different. They also are continuing their support of our Just-in-Time Funding program with a $12,500 grant.

Drive and event hosts have been a source of inspiration for us this year, too, from back-to-school bake sales to virtual holiday drives.

“Thanks to all of our drive and event hosts for rallying their communities to support Treehouse and the youth we serve,” Community Engagement Manager Spencer Sheridan said.

Sharing Appreciation for Our Community

Despite its hardships, 2020 has been a year for many of us to recognize the true power of community. In recognizing that, we’ve created a bingo card that includes ways for people to engage with Treehouse and give back to the community. Items on the card include sending a thank you note to a beloved caregiver or educator, ordering takeout from a Black-owned business and taking the time to thank an essential worker you know, whether it’s your local grocery store clerk or the medical professionals who have been working on the frontlines of the pandemic.

If you’re interested in playing #TreehouseBingo this holiday season, you can find everything you need to know about it and download your bingo card at treehouseforkids.org/bingo.

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