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    Why Treehouse

    Pursuing Equity for
    Youth in Foster Care


At this very moment, there are nearly 9,000 children in foster care in Washington State. They woke up this morning in unfamiliar surroundings, and ate breakfast with people they don’t know well. They left behind favorite clothing, toys and family photos. Many are separated from their brothers and sisters who they may not get to see often. They are worrying about what is going to happen to them and whether they are going to get to see their Mom this week. And every time they have to move, they lose not only family, but teachers, friends, neighbors, coaches—everyone they know and love.

In foster care, they are safe from physical harm and dangerous neglect, but they are far from out of the woods socially, emotionally and academically. This is where Treehouse steps in, providing access to the academic and essential supports they equally deserve to be successful in school and in life.

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