Treehouse Eligibility

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To be referred for Treehouse services, youth must have an open DSHS Children’s Administration case, tribal case, federal foster case or be enrolled in a YMCA Young Adult program, and be in out-of-home care at the time of initial referral (foster, kinship, fictive kin, group care, suitable adult, shelter).

In addition to meeting our program-wide eligibility requirements noted above, youth must also meet the below program-specific requirements to access services.

Eligibility Requirements

The Wearhouse and Little Wishes
  1. Youth ages 0-26 are eligible for the Wearhouse/Little Wishes.
  2. Youth must be placed in King County or their case must be held in King County.

OR, Youth must be enrolled in YMCA Independent Living/Transitional Housing program. Youth can be 18 or older, but must have formerly been in foster care.

Graduation Success
  1. Youth must be placed in King County or a student in a Tacoma or Spokane Public School.
  2. Youth must be in 6th through 12th grade in King County or 9th through 12th grade in Tacoma or Spokane.
  3. Youth must be attending a middle or high school in a school district served by the program.
  4. For youth involved in Graduation Success, we will continue to serve that youth in all Treehouse services as long as they continue to actively engage in the Graduation Success Program, regardless of the legal status of the case. Upon completion of the Graduation Success program, youth will continue to be eligible for The Wearhouse and Little Wishes through the age of 26.
Educational Advocacy
  1. Youth must be placed in Washington State
  2. Youth must have one or more of the following immediate needs:
  • Student needs expansion/revision to existing IEP or help with the special education evaluation process
  • Student is at risk of retention or not graduating.
  • Student needs assistance with school enrollment or re-admittance.
  • Student has a current/preventative need regarding suspension or expulsion.
  1. For youth who do not meet eligibility requirements, Educational Advocacy may be able to offer a one-time conversation (to provide information, resources, or referrals for appropriate agencies or services to youth, caregivers or social workers) Please contact our Educational Advocacy program  at 206.267.5144 or
  2. For youth involved with Educational Advocacy – Once a permanent plan is established or children have returned to their birth home, they will be transitioned out of the Educational Advocacy Program, but they will still be eligible for other Treehouse services through the referral year if placed or dependent out of King County.
Holiday Magic

Youth in out-of-home care in Washington State (between October and December of the current year) are eligible. Kids also must fit under one or more of the following criteria:

  • Shelter Placement or Dependent children of the state of Washington
  • Extended Foster Care- youth age 18 years and over that have chosen to remain in foster care.
  • Courtesy Supervision- a child/youth who is dependent of the state of Washington who resides in a different region or state.
  • Interstate Compact- a dependent child/youth of the state of Washington who resides out of state.

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