Holiday Magic FAQ

Q: How do you get a referral for holiday magic?

A: We receive a list from Children’s Administration with all youth in foster care who are eligible for Holiday Magic. We then send letters out to all the eligible youth and their caregivers.

Q: What if I didn’t get a letter from Treehouse about Holiday magic?

A: If you feel you are eligible and you have not received a gift letter you will want to contact your social worker to have a referral made to the Holiday Magic program.

Q: Is the referral for Treehouse the same as Holiday Magic?

A: No, you will need a separate referral for Holiday Magic from your social worker.

Q: What kinds of gifts are available?

A: Gifts vary from year to year based upon availability. There are typically 40 different gifts available per year for various age groups. All gifts are brand new and are mailed directly to caregivers.